Dream 23: door

Anarchist gil and I walking somewhere she asks what anarchists’s i’?e red – goldman, freud, jung…go into bookstore where i had done patchwork squares for [xxxx] who is checking them, i did a terrinle job they’re totally screwed up — on top there’s a big moving conveyorbelt and [xxxx] or someone puts a giant boot at the end to block it and the stuff moves along then backs up at the end — one thing is a woman’s body dead but looks fresh but doll-like, she rides back down the converyor and i see her open eyes move as if she’s reading, as she gets to the end i point this out frightened say she’s alive, shopmaster says she’s five days dead, she turns her head to look at me, he says sometimes they move around like this, i say so this is sleepwalking as she stands up looking tall and armless, she says “or deathwalking”.  I run for the door and wake up.

She looks dolllike pale stringy hair her eyes are the worst they look ‘wet’ and dark a little…

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